Hi do i can change appName ?

hey community, i Want to change appName from openboxes to another name, because I want to change the routing, for example I want to have (http://localhost:8080/**CustomName** or http://localhost:8080/ ) instead of http://localhost:8080/openboxes.
is there any place in config file to have this feature, when i change only name of folder I get errors in routing.

Thank You.

Hey @pahem28316

I think this post has been stuck in our approval queue for a while. Apologies.

Unfortunately, the application cannot handle a change to the appName (context path) at this point (i.e. in the 0.8.x line). However, the next major release (0.9.x) will support this requirement.

The problem stems from the fact that all of the React features use a hard-coded context path (/openboxes) for accessing our REST API. We needed to make a pretty major change to get it to work properly, so we decided that it would be safest to make the change to a major release (0.9.x).

We don’t have a definitive timeline for the 0.9.0 release, but we hope to have it ready by the end of the summer.

Attaching the jira ticket (pdf) in case you’re interested in the details, including how to configure it when we finally release the version with it working.

OBGM-141.pdf (454.7 KB)

And here’s the pull request that shows how the problem was solved.

Lastly, in case you want to test the feature (although not sure if it’s still working) we have experimental builds of the application running on the Grails 3 framework here.


You can download the WAR (which can be run on Tomcat8+, Java 8) by clicking on one of the build numbers, looking under the Artifacts tab, and clicking on the Latest WAR link.

Or by using the following link.