Add shelf(bin) location to product


I have recently installed openboxes and I’m trying out features for organizing my parts I use for my work. I have an issue finding how to set the shelf location for parts.

What I found out by now is that is has to do something with the bin locations. I’ve set up several bin locations for my warehouse, but I can’t find at adding product page where to choose the bin location. If I look at browse inventory I see bin location default but it is not possible to choose.

Hopefully somebody can help me with the correct steps using this feature.

Thank you!

Hey Rudolf

You can enable bin locations by adding to Pick Stock and Putaway Stock to the Supported Activities of the Depot location type. After that just add a few bin locations to the desired depot location

  1. Click Configuration > Locations in the main menu
  2. Choose a location
  3. Click on the Bin Locations tab
  4. Add a bin location
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Yes options are now available. Thanks.