Adding OpenBoxes to Linode

Hi, Is there a way to add openboxes to Linode cloud storage? I know you have an instance on Digital Ocean. Can we have an instance on Linode or Vagrent Images for local machines for portability on home machines?

Thanks for the question.

I honestly didn’t realize Linode had a marketplace. Looks like Vultr does too. I would love to add custom images for all of these platforms/marketplaces. Unfortunately, it takes time to create the images and support them, so it might not happen soon. But I will certainly look into whether it would be feasible.

Aside: At the moment we have had a handful of DigitalOcean droplets created in the past 30 days. If we’d see the same volume on linode and vultr then it’s probably not worth the effort.

In the meantime, we have a github project which is a glorified bucket for automating some of our devops tasks using various technologies (packer, k8s, ansible, azure resource manager) and we are planning on doing more with kubernetes, AWS Cloudformation, AWS CDK, and/or Terraform in the future.

I’ll add Vagrant to that list. but I don’t personally have any experience with Vagrant. If you have any thoughts or tips on how to get started down that path, please let me know.

Lastly, I don’t have a coherent strategy for any of this at the moment so it’s all a bit piecemeal. If we can figure out a way to sustainably manage a set of technologies/platforms (i.e. finding people to maintain and contribute and/or allow OB to take a cut of fees to recoup some of the support costs) then I would be very much inclined to add new technologies and invest in future devops work.

By the way, I am interested to hear more about what you’re specifically trying to achieve. Are Linode and Vagrant just your preferred flavors? Or do you see a strategic advantage to supporting that platform and technology?

Reading the Vagrant user guide …

… they recommend using Packer so perhaps we already have what you need here

Anyway, let me know if this satisfies your requirements. Otherwise, let’s figure out what changes should be made to meet your needs.