Approving Prepayment Invoice

I’ve created Prepayment Invoices and submitted them for approval… What is the next step? How do I approve them?

Admittedly, this is not an area I’m very familiar with. I helped design the data model but wasn’t very involved with the development of the feature.

The best I can do is provide a link to some documentation.

If that doesn’t answer your question I’ll check with our product owner to see if she can assist.

I went through that document but I could not find anything on that particular topic.

The link I posted was for the general invoices section of the docs. There are two child pages that describe purchase and prepayment invoices.

Create Prepayment Invoice

I got prepayment invoice generated with a status of “Submitted for Approval” but I can’t figure out how/where to approve it. Document (in the link) does not provide any info on approval process.

Found it… but there is a BIG concern. In order to have the approval button (“Post Invoices”) appear, you have to have a Superuser role. How do I change/assign that permission to another role ie Approver or Financial User?

It seems like a reasonable request but we’ll need to review the code. I’ll check in with our product owner and see if it’s feasible.

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