Attempting to Install ( Ubuntu 14 / Unbuntu 18 / Unbuntu 22 )

Hello there,

Maybe I am missing something but every time I’ve tried installing OpenBoxes (Doesn’t matter what OS), I inch closer but something goes wrong or there seems to be steps missing to make it work. I hate to ask but is there a way to get an updated step by step install for Openboxes?


Sorry to hear that you’re having issues.

Can you provide some technical details regarding the issue(s) you’re encountering?


I hate to ask but is there a way to get an updated step by step install for Openboxes?

@Emptybacon Fwiw, this is a fair request, so please do not think that you are imposing. I can imagine (since I wrote them) that there are areas of the docs that are confusing or not explicit enough. However, I don’t actually know what steps are missing (or problematic for you) since the installation instructions generally work for us. So I just need a bit more information.

Can you provide a bit more details on what areas you’re having trouble with? In addition, attaching the catalina.out file to this thread (or sending it to our support email will allow us to troubleshoot the issue ourselves.

One glaring hole that you pointed out is the need for installation instructions for Ubuntu 20.04 and/or 22.04. Unfortunately, I’m on leave until early September so I won’t have time to fulfill that need at the moment. So follow the Ubuntu 18.04 instructions and let me know where the instructions break down and I’ll try to help you out.

Thank you for reaching out with this issue.


I’m Canadian and been married for 10 years so I’ve been trained to find anything I do to be imposing, LOL.

Honestly, the need isn’t pressing right now so this project for our company can wait till 22.04 steps come out hopefully when you come back but thanks so much for getting back to me! I’ll gladly be a test subject if need be.