better changelog?

Hello All,

Since I updated to the latest version I saw a lot of cosmetic changes as well.
The logo is very small now and the menu is changed. (font, layout, etc).

I was wondering if there is a better way to see which features are new, deleted or changed then the current changelog on github?

I assume you were looking at the changelog associated with the release on GitHub.

In addition, we usually publish the release notes in an annoucement on this discussion board. I sometimes wait about a week after we deploy the release to our production servers before publishing the release notes so we have time to catch anything that needs a hotfix.

However, I haven’t found time to publish these official release notes yet. Apologies.

You can view the release notes for 0.8.20 (in docx format) here. I’ll post these as an annoucement as soon as I can.

Release Notes 0.8.20_PIH.docx (522.6 KB)
Notes de Version 0.8.20.docx (515.1 KB)

There will likely be a hotfix to 0.8.20 in the next week or two.

@David_Douma Are those release notes what you meant by “better changelog”?