Bin locations wrong or not showing


I have a strange problem.
I have set bin location and these are working like charm. However if I go to reports, for example ‘In Stock report’, the bin location is empty. I could assume that is because you can have more then 1 bin location and this list is not showing them?

However, if I go to ‘Bin location report’ it gets stranger. It shows me quantity’s on BIN location where the product is not stored. The product came in and was booked into the bin location ‘ontvangen’ because that is the standard location for receiving goods. From there I transferred the stock to the new bin location (that is showing up fine). However the old bin location ‘ontvangen’ keeps saying quantity ‘0’. I don’t want that. Because it doesn’t give a real display of amount of goods stored.

Do I miss something?

Screenshots aren’t really providing enough information. I’d probably need access to the system (or a screenshare session) to understand what’s happening here. Or you could record a video showing what you did and what you’re expecting.