Bug in Approve Request (email)

Hello All,

I enabled Approve Requests for one location.
This works perfect and the emails are sended when someone requests something.

However if I assign 2 users to approve requests for that location the Approvers field stays empty.

You can select one or more from the dropdown-list however in your manual it says:

Approvers: Select one or more Approver(s) from the dropdown. You can leave this blank to send the requisition to all the assigned approvers.

However, it does not send emails to multiple approvers, better: it doesnt send email at all.
Only if I have one Approver it autoselects this user in the field and the e-mail is send.

Hello David,
Could you provide more information when you say the approver field stays empty when you add 2 approvers? If a user profile is set as an approver, you should be able to pick them as approvers. Screenshots/recordings will be helpful too!

In regards to leaving the field blank, no notifications are sent out when no approver is selected. But users with approver permission can still approve/reject the e-request. I’ve updated the manual to reflect that.