Can't change language

I just installed OpenBoxes and I can’t change the language because every character of the language options is a link that doesn’t do anything.
Is there any way to fix this?


That’s odd. Did you edit the supported locales property in or openboxes-config.groovy?

As a workaround, you can change the default locale for you account using the Edit Profile page.

No I haven’t edited any configs after installation.
Here is my

# Database connection settings
dataSource.password=<My password is here>

# Used primarily with g:link when absoluteUrl is true (e.g. links in emails)

# OpenBoxes mail settings - disabled by default (unless you set up an SMTP server)

And in my edit profile page it does the same thing

So for some reason the application is evaluating the property


as a String rather than an array of Strings. In other it words, the application is seeing this

openboxes.locale.supportedLocales = "['ar', 'en', 'fr', 'de', 'it', 'es', 'pt']"

rather than this

openboxes.locale.supportedLocales = ['ar', 'en', 'fr', 'de', 'it', 'es', 'pt']

The default is set to the latter (an array of strings) so this is getting


  1. What version of the application are you using? In fact these three fields in the footer would be helpful

    • Application Version: 0.8.12-SNAPSHOT
    • Branch: develop
    • Build Number: v0.8.11-46-g694f406
  2. Can you try to restart the server and see if it just needed to recombobulate?

  3. If not, any chance I can get temporary access to your OB instance?

  1. Here is my footer:
    © 2020 Powered by OpenBoxes | Grails Version: 1.3.9 | Application Version: 0.8.11 | Branch: master | Build Number: v0.8.11 | Environment: production | Build Date: 14 Jan 2020 10:19:45 PM
  2. I already tried to restart it twice, in catalina.out log there are no errors

Can you check whether there’s another file under /opt/tomcat/.grails?

No, the only file in there is

I changed some file permissions and now it seems to be working.

Ok, so here’s what you can try to do. Create a new file /opt/tomcat/.grails/openboxes-config.groovy and add the following line to it and restart Tomcat.

openboxes.locale.supportedLocales = ['ar', 'en', 'fr', 'de', 'it', 'es', 'pt']

NOTE: You can remove the language codes that you don’t plan to use.

If that doesn’t work, we can try declaring a list variable and setting it this way.

def supportedLocales = ['ar', 'en', 'fr', 'de', 'it', 'es', 'pt']
openboxes.locale.supportedLocales = new List(supportedLocales)

I changed some file permissions and now it seems to be working.

Awesome. I was going to suggest that earlier but then figured there was no way that could be the issue. I guess I was wrong.