Changing Logo for the OpenBoxes Application

I have followed the documentation for changing the logo but I am unable to get this to work. I changed the file with the following but it always stays as “”:

openboxes.logo.url =

I even used logos from your site such as “” and it still does not change. Am I missing something?


Can you share the file with your database credentials redacted?

Where is the file supposed to be located? Your documentation said it should be under the Tomcat directory in /opt/tomcat/.grails/ but I can only find it under openboxes/docker.

Are you sure the logo URL is valid? I’m getting 404s for that image.

And to respond to your question … you seem to be using the correct The mechanics of docker are still somewhat confusing to me. When you start up your docker container, the “volumes” configuration is used to map the files on the host file system to the container’s file system.

  - ./
  - ./
  - ./
  - ../openboxes:/app

I don’t know whether changes to these files are seen by the application when the container is running but my assumption is that you can change most files and the application will respond accordingly. Worse case scenario you may need to restart a particular service (in this case “grails”) in order to get the changes to be refreshed.

Yes the file is a png file I just moved it elsewhere. if you look at the file I am testing with your png files to test and I commented out all references to my png files. Does openboxes use the /openboxes/docker/ file or is it supposed to be located elsewhere? I ask since when I try to change the log to logo_100.png it doesn’t work and I know that this file exists.

Are you using docker within the openboxes project?

I just saw your other response so I will try to restart grails.

My instructions were in reference to the openboxes-docker repo, which is a developer-centric way of using OpenBoxes. I’ll need to review the openboxes/docker directory.

OK, thanks for any help on this.

So if you’re using the docker-compose.yml within the openboxes repo

then yes the under the docker directory is where you want to make changes. This file will be mounted to the container file system. When the application is started, I believe it should look for this file in that directory.

I just started up a docker container running 0.8.15 (a very old version) and saw that the logo does get refreshed when you edit, but only for non-React pages.

I’ll update the WAR I’m using to the latest version of OpenBoxes to see if that bug was fixed.


I am running on GoDaddy Windows Server.

Looks like it might be a bug. But we use logos with non-docker instances, so the root cause must be specific to Docker.

Here’s a video of my debugging session (in case someone sees something that I don’t see).

Unfortunately, I can’t give a timetable for a fix but will investigate this further as soon as I can. For now your best bet might be to hardcode the URL in the code and build your own WAR file.

Thanks for all the help on this.

Can you tell me how to control the size of the logo png file. When I upload the png file through Configuration->Location it initially shows it correctly but when you start using the OpenBoxes Application it reduces the png image to a very small image that you can hardly see it.

Upload a screenshot so I can see what you mean.