Close a shipment to a location that doesn't have Manage Inventory activity support

I have a question about using Openboxes in a SME environment for my use case: how do I close/receive a shipment for a location that I cannot log into because I didn’t check Manage Inventory as a supported activity?

I am sending some items in our depot to an external customer (represented by a location without Manage Inventory as a supported activity). The process of creating an outgoing shipment is fine.

When the shipment is marked as Shipped in my depot, I would like to close the shipment from my depot location once I get confirmation, either by courier tracking number or external email from our customer, that the shipment has been received, or to partially receive and address any discrepancies etc. from that shipment.


We have a “legacy” feature that we could potentially move into the Stock Movement workflow i.e. Mark as Received). Basically, the feature just adds a Received event to the desired shipment which marks it as received.

You can see a demo of this feature in the following video.

I’ll be moving the Events tab into the Stock Movement UI soon (which will allow you to add your own events to a Stock Movement). I’ll also consider moving the Mark as Received feature into Stock Movement UI as well.

The Events tab is exactly what I needed :slight_smile: I think I prefer that method over the “legacy” forcing status suggestion.

As far as I remember the “legacy” feature just adds the event with sensible defaults (timestamp=now) while the Events tabs allows you to enter a datetime of your choosing. But it’s good to know you’d prefer the more explicit approach rather than the black box one.

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