consequences of modifying the exported information

Hello again.
I have reached the reporting part. I have noticed that in the processes of exporting to excel or cvs, the column headers are fixed in camel case format.
To make it more user-friendly, I want to change the text of the headers to a tag in Spanish.
My concern is that this change could affect some other process that might require these headings.
The query is, would changing these headers affect any flow or process in Openboxes?
In this same topic, and with the same caution, I want to restrict the exported columns, because some of them do not give value to the operation of the end user. Can I omit columns in these reports without affecting another part of the application?

The bad news :sob:
So in this particular case we need all of the columns in the export but I believe the column names can change. The need for keeping all of the columns is due to the fact that the import / export tool share the same schema. If you remove a field from the export then you won’t be able to use the same export to import the data back in.

The good news :joy:
However, we do support custom data exports as demonstrated in the following video. Just be very careful that you don’t bring down your system with a custom data export backed by a poorly written SQL query.

I keep “the good news”
We try and let you know how it goes.