Dashboard: Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'openboxes.tag.id'

Dear All,

Openboxes’ dashboard is returning error message. Please see the attached screenshot and server log for more information.


Andualem W.

(Attachment dashboard issue log.txt is missing)

Thanks Andualem

This is a bug (https://github.com/openboxes/openboxes/issues/665). You’re likely using a version of MySQL that enables ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY by default (as suggested by the StackOverflow post mentioned in the bug report). Please follow the workaround instructions in the ticket and I’ll send an update when the bug has been fixed.


This issue was merged into develop in PR 674 (https://github.com/openboxes/openboxes/pull/674) and is available in the most recent SNAPSHOT builds (http://bamboo.pih-emr.org:8085/browse/OPENBOXES-SDDEV). It will also be available in the next release (v0.8.2) slated for the end of January.