Demo Droplet Digital Ocean


I select the demo or self host option but then get an error at digitalOcean stating cannot find the page you are looking for.

We discovered a security vulnerability in the Java / Tomcat versions in the digitalocean image earlier this year. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to upgrade the image given my time commitment on other projects. I will have more free time in the next few weeks so I plan to work on a fix during that time.

By the way, thank you for your thoughts on this. As mentioned, I haven’t worked on this yet because I’ve been busy but also because I assumed no one was using it. In the past 24 hours, I’ve heard from two users (including yourself) about how they would like the digitalocean deployment option to be brought back, so again thank you.

Thanks a lot for your response. I think the digital ocean is a great way to get to know the product and then decide which option to go for without being trapped in the Demo mode. I feel I cannot simulate any of my current business workflows in that environment and would like to build a POC to present to our Board to approve the adoption. Hope you can come to my assistance sooner than later.

Don form South Africa…

Agreed. The main demo server ( is a dumpster and not great for evaluation.

While you’re still working to get a version installed on your own, I’d be happy to offer up one our other test / demo servers to use for evaluation / demos. And if you need assistance I can help you import data into one of these instances as well.


Hi Justin,

That could be a great idea but would it be possible for us to schedule a demo with you and and my business stakeholders?


Of course. Just schedule a call.

It would be best if I had a solid understanding of your requirements before the demo. However if you don’t have formal requirements we can do a quick walkthrough to give you a sense of what features currently exists.