Disable mobile view

Hello all!,

Question: Currently if we visit Openboxes with an mobile device like a tablet it loads the mobile version which is very basic (almost no options) but we want to disable that. An device like a tablet can easily run the full version (tested).

How can we disable the mobile version?


Yeah, apologies for that. We were prototyping a basic mobile UI but haven’t been able to spend much time on it. But you’re correct. You should either be able to disable this completely or switch to a desktop version of the application on a mobile browser.

Would you mind creating a ticket for this request and I’ll try to work on this for the next release.

In the meantime, there’s probably a way to do that using a Chrome setting or a plugin to spoof the user agent header.

In fact, here’s an article about that.

Ugh, apparently you can’t change the user agent for a browser running on an iPhone or iPad though.

So we’ll need to make a code change.

Actually, as a workaround you can use Chrome’s new Request Desktop Site feature which I assume spoofs the user agent.

  1. On a mobile device, open Chrome and navigate to your OpenBoxes instance.

  2. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the screen to open the settings menu.

  3. Click on the Request Desktop Site option and authenticate.

  4. Prosper

Hmm yes I know about that workaround. But not very working because you have to switch to that option every time :slight_smile:

Alright create a ticket to remind me to get a fix for that in for the next release.