Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR

Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR

I followed this instruction to download open box.war.

sudo wget

But the file is not found.

Is the link correct?


May I confirm whether this is the right link?

@khorjames i used this and it worked sudo wget

Hey James

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

Our CI/CD software (Bamboo) has an automated cleanup mechanism that deletes artifacts from builds after 7 days. I was almost positive I disabled this last week for the OPENBOXES-SDOD2 build plan but I guess not.

I’ll do that now and rerun the build plan.

In the long-run, the latest version of the Grails 3 application should be available from this build plan, but I haven’t had a chance to configure it yet.

I’ll post back to this thread once the OPENBOXES-SDOD2 build artifact is ready.

Thanks @tendomart

That WAR is for the current release of the application which is based on the main branch, which is still running with Grails 1.3.9.

For longer than I care to admit, we’ve also been working on a migration to Grails 3. This code lives in a long-lived-feature-branch (LLFB).

We rebase this branch on top off the main branch every few months so it always includes the latest release (we’re a release behind at the moment). But we have had some trouble making progress on the bug fixes / refactorings that are required to make this thing ready for release.

But that brings up a good point @tendomart

@khorjames Are you looking for
(a) the latest release of OpenBoxes OR
(b) the latest experimental release of OpenBoxes built using Grails 3

(a) is production-ready
(b) there are lots of bugs and refactoring that are still required to make it production-ready

Nevermind. You provide the answer in your subject line :blush:

Here’s the build that I just started. When this is done (in about 10-15 minutes) you can click on the Artifacts tab and download the WAR file.

Thank you so much! It is working!

I am downloading the Logo through the Configuration->Locations utility to upload the png file but how do I control the size of the logo since it constantly reduces the logo size no matter what size I create the logo file?

Can you include a screenshot so I can see what you mean?

Here are the screen shots

Even the first screen shot shows the logo and is rather small but 2nd screen shot shows it even smaller. Is there a way to lock in a logo size?

I would recommend making the logo horizontal i.e. move the icon to the left of the text.

The logo is going to render within the space it’s given, which is about 300 x 60.

By the way, the logo on your main website seems perfect (although I needed to resize it a bit to make it work on both the React and non-React pages.


I mocked your new logo to show you what I meant by “making the logo horizontal”. I’m not a logo designer so this was just meant as a proof of concept.


And here’s how it would render on the Dashboard. The font isnt great but that’s easily fixable.