Installation - Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR


I am working through the installation, however when I get to:

Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR

sudo wget

wget fails …

eliot@Ubuntu-VM:/opt/openboxes$ sudo wget
–2024-02-05 17:36:08--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:8085… failed: Connection refused.

I tried the URL from Download OpenBoxes (Grails 3) WAR - #6 by jmiranda but that also doesnt work.

Hope you can help,


Hi @eliotrayner,

some time ago we migrated away from this bamboo instance to a new one. So these links probably won’t work anymore.
If you are looking for the most recent and stable version of OB Grails 3 war it would be this one
Technically this is 0.9.0-hotfix1, which is used on our main implementation but was not yet released to the public (but I guess will be sooner than later).

cc @jmiranda

Thanks Artur

That works.