Drug Testing Laboratory Feature

I don’t find any function in the system which gives me DTL reflection (Drug Testing Laboratory). Purchase Order should appears next stage once my medicine badge get DTL Clarence. Please guide me if this flow is already in software.

I am not familiar with “DTL reflection” and it’s related workflows. Can you elaborate on what behaviors / workflows you’re expecting here?

See , before creating a purchase order of any specific Medicine lot. It is a best practice and i think its also part of law to acquire Drug testing laboratory approvals.(of medicine lot / badge).
do we have that similar function ?

Interesting. The countries where OpenBoxes is currently used either do not have the same regulation or this workflow is happening outside the system (via paper-based system).

For example, our main implementation in Haiti just needs approval from a user that can approve purchases. Therefore, we added a basic feature that when a location requires Approve Purchase Order activity, then in order to Place an Order, the user must have the ROLE_APPROVER role. And on placing the order we record the user who approved the order as well the date of approval.

I have been looking for requirements for more a advanced approval process, so thank you for starting this conversation. It sounds like we’re going to need to make it pretty flexible.

@Ali_Muhamamd_Nizaman can you make suggestions on how you’d like it to work? When does the approval occur (before / during PO creation)? What data do we need to collect (e.g. DTL number, e-signature)? Are there other approval rules we should consider implementing besides “need a valid DTL license” and “need purchase approval role”?

This function is per-request to have DTL clearance for Bulk Purchase Order. So i would suggest , we must have DTL Screen which must contain drugs details with quantity/lot. That screen must have options to upload DTL Certification / DTL Certificate Number .

PO screen has field/ Reference of DTL so that required purchase order can be mapped with DTL Clearance certificate .

FWIW, the PO feature allows you to upload documents so this should already be possible. That doesn’t happen during the approval process, but this could be mandated through an external approval process. You could then require the user with the Purchase Approver role to check whether the DTL Certification exists before placing the order.

If that doesn’t satisfy your requirements could you write a more detailed specification or build a simple wireframe for the DTL Screen so that I can better understand the expected behaviors.