Emailing PO from within Openboxes

Just wondered if it is possible yet to email a PO direct to the supplier or contact from within Openboxes, its a bit of a pain having to save the PDF then email using outlook, also there needs to be a section for adding custom notes , like a different delivery address if drop shipping, or a note like " Deliver in plain package " etc. This is a must :slight_smile:

Hey Kurt

I created a ticket for this feature request last December

However, we have a huge backlog of work for clients so that takes priority over the community backlog. I had a developer who was looking to work on something in the community backlog a few months ago, so I pointed him to this ticket. Unfortunately it didn’t go anywhere, but I’ll keep my ears open for another developer or will work on this myself when I get a chance.

If we can scope out all of your requirements in more detail, I can work on an estimate on how much it will cost and when it could be done by. If not, no worries, we’ll get to it at some point.