Error importing inventory templates

hi guys. I have finally got a beautiful functioning openboxes instance, and now i am trying to add data so we can start using it. I downloaded the provided template, and added data, and then uploaded… and i get this :

Yeah, unfortunately our templates are still using the old XLS format. So just save your XLSX file as XLS and hopefully that should fix the issue.

it didn’t… I converted it to .xls format but still same error. what exact option should i choose when doing “save as” in excel?

I use LibreOffice (Ubuntu) so I’m not sure of the exact format option but it should look something like this “Microsoft Excel 97-2003 (.xls)”.

i found a way. an online tool called Zamzar that took in my xlsx and spat out an older xls file that worked. so back in business

Oh wow that seems unnecessary but whatever works I guess.