Failed to deploy openboxes.war on win10

Last time I asked for help on support@openboxes, now I would like to add some information to help you find a solution.

Thank you for your reply. But I can give you more information tomorrow. I will add my environment and deployment steps:

Environment: jdk7, tomcat7, MySQL5.7, in windows 10


  1. Downloads openboxes.war on official website.

  2. Mkdir .grails in %user_home% and create a new file as, enter dataSource.url,username and password.

  3. Create a username as openboxes, password as openboxes in mysql, and create a database as openboxes.

  4. Copy openboxes.war to …/tomcat/webapps, and startup it.

  5. It made errors after I had been waiting for about an hour, the tables are being generated in the database for an hour(I remember the document on the official website that it takes only 20 minutes to migrate all tables, is my computer too slow?)

That is all my steps.

But after the failure, I restarted again. This time, more tables were generated, with 105 tables, but still failed.

I hope to get your help, or do you have a detailed installation document in win10.

There is an error message in the log:

Illegal access: this web application instance has been stopped already. Could not load java.lang.ObjectBeanInfo.

java.lang.ObjeceBeanInfo? It sounds like a class in JDK, But I can’t find it in JDK6, JDK7 and jdk8. Can you tell me where it comes from.

Thanks again.


Given the time it took to create the database, my guess would be that you are running out of memory. Can you attach the stderr and stdout logs to this ticket or email those to (if you feel there might be sensitive information you’d prefer not to make public)?

By the way, there are a lot of useless (red herring) stacktraces in the Tomcat log files (especially catalina.log) so don’t spend too much time trying to figure them out. The key is to find the stacktrace that is actually telling you what is wrong. In our case (with Tomcat and Java), the vast majority of issues can be boiled down to the following three buckets

  1. JDK incompatibility issue (i.e. using JDK8 instead of JDK7)
  2. OutOfMemoryError (i.e. not enough permgen or heap space allocated to Tomcat)
  3. database connection pool error (i.e. usually because OB cannot locate the

My guess is that we’re dealing with bucket #2 but I’ll know for sure once I see your stdout log file.