Fetch product with extended details

I have defined product attributes and I have assigned those attributes to a certain product.

when I request to get a product:
GET {base-url}/openboxes/api/generic/product/ff8080819068f394019072a5c1de0043

response is:

    "data": {
        "id": "ff8080819068f394019072a5c1de0043",
        "productCode": "TEST-4",
        "name": "TEST-4",
        "description": "124124",
        "category": "Foodie",
        "unitOfMeasure": "2",
        "pricePerUnit": 3.0000,
        "dateCreated": "2024-07-02T08:53:04Z",
        "lastUpdated": "2024-07-02T08:59:12Z",
        "updatedBy": "Miss Administrator",
        "color": null,
        "handlingIcons": [],
        "lotAndExpiryControl": false,
        "active": true,
        "displayNames": {
            "default": null

I get the data of the product but i’m missing those attributes I have defined.
Is there more extended informative api for it?

No, but we should include those in the default response for the Products API.


I’ve added a ticket to deal with that