Fw: Problem Generating Reports


We are running openboxes on a local linux server. Everything is working properly except when we want to download a report, csv… we get an error message saying “this website can’t be reached”.

I noticed that when we click on download and select the desired report, the link is showing “localhost” while the server is running on IP

If I were to manually change “Localhost” to reflect the server IP address, it works! I can get the reports etc…

Is there a setting file that we need to change so we do not have to change it manually each time?


Thank you, Sami.

This is a fantastic question and one that highlights our need to improve our documentation. The instructions for setting this up are in the Configuration docs, but I think they should be elevated to an actual step in the installation process. So thank you for pointing this out.

Whenever we need to generate a absolute URL (usually for emails) we employ the Grails “createLink” feature that uses the grails.serverURL configuration property.

The default value for this is a URL that points to localhost.


In order to change this for your implementation simply edit openboxes-config.properties