Get OpenBoxes hosting, support and more from the app expert - SolDevelo

Hi OpenBoxes Community!

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Aleksandra Szenk, a project manager at SolDevelo (, a software development firm based in Gdynia, Poland.

Since 2018, SolDevelo has been a major contributor to OpenBoxes, working closely with Partners In Health to implement their vision and roadmap. We have been involved in all phases of development for almost every feature, bug fix, refactoring, and implementation of OpenBoxes since that time. From requirements gathering to development, QA to release, implementation to training.

Here are some examples of our work:

  • Invoice feature - that was Soldevelo.
  • Stock Transfer feature - bingo.
  • UI/UX improvements - you guessed it.
  • Purchase Order improvements - still us.
  • REST API - you can blame Justin for that one.
  • Grails 3 upgrade - we’re working on it.
  • Mobile application - we didn’t build it, but we certainly made it better.
  • Crowdin integration - what has two thumbs and made all of your translation dreams come true? You guess it. SolDevelo.

With our knowledge and expertise in developing, implementing and supporting OpenBoxes, we would be happy to take on any project that you can envision. We are offering hosting subscription packages as well as a high range of support and features development. If you would like to get to know our main offer you can find it here- OpenBoxes Hosting - SolDevelo

In OpenBoxes support we are focusing on:

  • Hosting
  • System configuration & data migration
  • User Training
  • Feature Development

We are proud to be the official OpenBoxes hosting partner, and you can also find us here: Pricing!

Please do no not hesitate to contact us at if we can help you with anything OpenBoxes related!