Global Search of Movements by Name

I have searched the forum and unable to locate an answer. Is there a way to perform a search of all inbound / outbound movements by the movement Name, i.e. a global search.

At the moment you cannot search stock movements globally by title, but you can search globally by stock movement number. In other words, if you enter a stock movement number into the global search and click enter you’ll be redirected to that stock movement. However, displaying stock movement results in the global search is not possible at this time (it just shows “No options”).

It wouldn’t be hard to implement a global search for stock movements (by title and other attributes), but I’ve been hesitant to implement it because it adds some complexity around usability and performance that would probably need to be dealt with for implementations with lots of data. And most of that would require a search index like Elasticsearch.

Here’s a ticket I created a while back to track that feature - assuming we’ll eventually get to it.

Let me know if that is something you desperately need and we can discuss possible solutions. One solution that comes to mind would be making it possible for a user to uncheck the origin or destination field in the stock movement search so that you could search across locations.

However, I think this would also be a big change since our stock movement search API is directional (inbound vs outbound) so it might require a refactor to make it work properly. And honestly, any rework around that search would probably also lead us to a solution using ElasticSearch.

Thanks for the detailed response. I would not suggest a change for just one request. We’ll adapt to searching for the movement number Sir.