How do we delete products?

Hello, I am trying to delete many products I imported from CSV file.
I tried to delete a product from the left menu as a superuser, then it appears a warning message asking if am I sure, wich I press OK. But at the end it shows a message that the product can not be deleted.

So, how can I delete a product? Is there a way to delete multiple products from OB?

Many thanks!

Without more information my guess would be that there are tables with records that link to the product you are trying to delete. There are two ways to find out which tables.

  1. Check the log file when you attempt to delete the product m. If it fails it normally logs the exception to the catalina.out file.

  2. You can also log into MySQL and execute the following statement to find the most recent foreign key constraint failure.

    show engine innodb status

If you haven’t created any stock movements then I would take a look at the dimension tables. Go to Dimensions tab under Configuration > Data Migration. And then click the Truncate button. Once those records are removed you should be able to delete the products.

Justin, many thanks! The Truncate button solved the problem!