Import products with added attributes

I’m able to import a product spreadsheet using the default columns. I have created a new product attribute called “Product URL” but whenever I try to import a list of products with this new attribute it gets rejected.

Is there a solution for this? Do imports only work for the default fields?

Yeah good catch. Up until 0.8.0, the product export did not include the product attributes. We added them to the export because a user wanted to be able to filter products (in Excel) by attribute. But the new export could not be imported if it included the product attributes so we split the exports into two. However, we haven’t implemented an import for product attributes.

We have two ways we could do this. Use the product import (CSV) and try to match any non-default fields with a product attribute. That might be an easy solution for now. We’re also trying to migrate all of our imports to the Data Import feature which only supports XLS. For that type of import we could implement a EAV approach which would include the Product Code, Attribute Code, Attribute Value as the fields with the option to export all product attributes in the database.

I’ll probably implement both approaches. Let me know which you’d prefer now.