Inbound: can't select any origin

Hi There,

I had the flu so I was a bit out of running. Anyway:
If I want to make a inbound movement from a depot to the current depot I just can’t select any other depot in ‘origin’.

Unfortunately, this field doesn’t allow you to list the possible Origin locations. You need to search for them.

Also, for inbound stock movements, this field is populated with Supplier locations, not Depot locations.

As far as I recall, you cannot create an inbound order where the Origin is a managed location (i.e. has the MANAGE_INVENTORY supported activity) because we don’t want to allow a user taking stock from another location that is managed within the system.

Ok! Thanks! So what process to you recommend if a depot needs stock from another depot?

The Destination depot can Request Stock of the Origin.

Or the Origin can create an Outbound Stock Movement on behalf of the Destination (used for when the order is a paper-based requisition, email, or phone call).

Stupid me! Of course thanks!!