Inventory Barcoding Support & Printing

Hi, this project seems to fit the bill for what I need. Before committing I had a question regarding barcodes. I did see some older discussion regarding the features but not sure if any headway has been made since then.

Is it possible to pick and update inventory using barcodes? i.e. Scan an item barcode to quickly update stock or make a movement.

Is it possible to print barcodes? I saw that in 2020 there was basic support for ZPL printing. What does it look like today?

Thank you!

Barcode scanning is perhaps best described as “in beta”. You can use a barcode scanner on any of the features available in the web app since barcode scanners are basically just glorified keyboards. However, if you’re looking for scanner-centric workflow, we’ve been working on a mobile app that should satisfy your requirements re: pick and update inventory using barcodes. One downside is that we’ve been developing the handheld off a fork of the core code. The forked code is a bit outdated (~October 2021) so we have some work to do to get that code completed and merged back to core.

Barcode printing is fairly stable (even in core), but requires a bit of configuration and might require some code changes to expose the printing feature in more places.

If you could describe the workflow / use cases you’re envisioning I’ll record a video to demonstrate the current state and forecast where we’re hoping to be by the end of the year.


Here’s a not-so-brief overview of the scanning and printing capabilities of the mobile app.

There’s a lot more there than covered in the video (receiving, putaway, picking, packing, loading). Once we’re done with development I’ll record more videos covering all of these features.