lend or using equipment on an event

Hi Guys,

Still using OpenBoxes. Been busy for a while with my new position at work, so I’m getting bit by bit back to OpenBoxes.

Anyhow we are using Openboxes for a while now and it works like a charm, however I still have one issue (not really an issue but I think there is no option in Openboxes for it) that I need to resolve or to find working option.

We use Openboxes to registrer medical equipment in 10 warehouses, this works perfectly!

Case 1

Sometimes warehouse 1 lends equipment to warehouse 2, etc. How can we keep track on which equipment belongs to warehouse 1 and which to warehouse 2.

I already labelled equipment with a unique code so you can identify it by the label for example:
AED1 in warehouse 1 has the serial/lot: W1-M-1001
AED2 in warehouse 1 has the serial/lot: W1-M-1002

So if I transfer AED1 from Warehouse 1 to Warehouse 2 I can see in the productpage that I have an other AED from warehouse 1 in the list.

How can Warehouse 1 see where its equipment is with a click on the button. Is there a list? An option to see this?

Case 2
We use equipment and materials on Events that also come back.
I want to keep the stock real-time. So I want to see what we have now.

We have an event ‘Testevent’ that requires 2 AED’s and a materialbox (with bandages, etc). How can I move that equipment and box to another location, etc…, so that it’s no longer in the warehouse but that we know it’s on the Event called ‘Testevent’.

Hi David,

For case 2, you could use a bin. Create a bin for each event, for example:

  • Testevent1
  • Testevent2
  • Testevent3
    or just one bin for all events, named something like “event bin.” Move the stock to the event bin(s), for the duration of the event, then move it back. That way you can see in the stock card and the bin location report that the equipment is at an event.

If you haven’t upgraded your OB version recently, there is some functionality in more recent versions of OB (maybe after 0.8.21?) that makes this solution work much, much better. We now show two quantity figures in every report: quantity on hand and quantity available. Quantity on hand is everything in inventory. Quantity available is that number minus items picked in outgoing shipments, recalled items, and items in “hold” bins. If you create your event bins as bin type “HOLD,” everything in these bins will show up in QOH, but not in Quantity available. So if you look at your inventory report, you will see
AED, QOH - 2, Available - 0
Materialbox, QOH - 1, Available - 0
Then if you look at the bin location report or the stock card, you can see that those items are on hold for that particular event. Edit: Forgot to mention that also in later versions there is a stock transfer feature making moving stuff from bin to bin way easier and better for data/tracking purposes.

For case 1, I think that would be a new feature. There is a report that shows inventory across all locations, but it is summarized by product, not lot. You would probably also want to apply dynamic filters on the lot field. You can put in a feature request and see if there is interest from other users.

Problem is the Managers can’t make bins.

Also a strange issue: only admins can rollback outgoing stock, why? And where can that be changed?