List of Supported Activities

Hello all,

There are alot of Activities that you can enable for a location.
Is there a list with some context on what each Activity does?

For example what does Submit Request mean, What does Approve Purchase order mean, etc.

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Here’s the documentation related to Supported Activities.

You can view the full list of supported activities in the code.

It’s entirely possible that not all of these activity codes are being used at the moment. Some are connected to features that were disabled or temporarily removed and some were related to aspirational features that we haven’t developed yet.

For example, ActivityCode.ISSUE_STOCK is not used anywhere in the code and is also not included in the ActivityCode.list() method, which returns the list of supported activities for the Edit Location page.

Similarly, ActivityCode.CROSS_DOCKING is included in the return value of the list method but is an aspirational feature that we have not developed yet.