Logfile & URL openboxes

Hi again,

The catalina.out logs now everything from OpenBoxes, result: big log file.
How can I only let OpenBoxes log warnings/errors? Is this an OpenBoxes settings or Tomcat. I it’s the last I will do some googling. (but I thought first check here to be sure).

Second, now the URL to the openboxes is like:
http://myhostname:8085/openboxes. Can that be changed? Is that simply renaming the openboxes map or brings this problems with it?

Thanks again!

P.s.: 1000 lines to go and then the translation is done :wink:

How can I only let OpenBoxes log warnings/errors?

I haven’t needed to do this before, but according to the docs

… it seems like this should work. Just add the following to openboxes-config.groovy:

log4j = { root ->
    root.level = org.apache.log4j.Level.WARN

For this issue, it depends on what you want to change. Can you explain what you’d like the URL to look like?

p.s. If you wouldn’t mind, try to post each question as a separate topic as it will make it easier for other users to find answers to similar issues / questions.

Ok, thnx will do (post for every question in separate post).

What I mean is instead of: http://myservername:8085/openboxes/ something like http://myservername:8085/lms/

The URL needs to be defined at build time in order for the React features to work properly. It might be possible to change the context path everywhere and rebuild the WAR file but I would not recommend going down that path.