Login using admin account

I have installed openboxes (without SMTP, running only accessible over localhost) and now I want to login on the page. Is there a default admin username/password combination? The docs don’t give any hints what to do once the .war is deployed and running.

I have tried to create a first account in hope that it will be used as admin account as it’s the first account but it said it will be reviewed by the administrators.

EDIT: I checked the DB and it said username “admin” and password “password”. Didn’t actually think it would just take the password as it is in there unencrypted but it seems like that just worked. Made my created account full admin and disabled all other users now which seemed to work.

Yeah sorry about that. I think an older version of the docs included the default credentials but I must have removed that section from the newer docs.

With respect to the cleartext password, that’s just for the default setting. It’s assumed that you’ll edit the password once you log in (although that should be documented as well). And when you edit the password from within the application it’ll be encrypted when written to the database.