Managing store inventory with openboxes


I’m looking to use OpenBoxes to manage store inventory. My basic needs are to:

  1. Set products.
  2. Set the stock quantity available for each product.
  3. Decrease the stock by 1 or more when a product is sold.

What is the best way to achieve this functionality using the API?

I have seen this issue: How to update quantity available of a product in an inventory via API, but I still couldn’t figure it out.

Hey @Nivl

Do you want to be able to do all of this from the API? Or just step 3?

Also are you looking to integrate with a storefront?


@jmiranda Hi Justin,

We are considering setting up the products and stock levels (steps 1 and 2) through your dashboard. Then, we plan to integrate OpenBoxes with our storefront to fetch available products and process purchases. This integration will act as a proxy for our store’s backend, recording the transaction details and writing them to our database.

I wanted to make another point here: what I think you’re building will probably work for a little while, at least as a proof of concept with minimal volume. But eventually, you’re going to encounter limitations as there are many more details and states that you’ll probably want to keep track of during the order and fulfillment process and you’ll likely encounter higher error rates as volume increases.

If you’re building an online storefront, there will be additional use cases related to fulfilling orders (allocate, pick, pack, ship) that you will want to track. Not to mention the exceptional use cases like backorders, canceled orders, and returns. In addition, you’ll probably want to handle sales orders in a more robust way, which will likely require a solution that is scalable and fault-tolerant i.e., message queue.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss that in more detail. We’ve worked on similar projects in the past.


@jmiranda Yes I would definitely like to discuss it.

Awesome. I’m off next week, but you can schedule a call when I return the following week.