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First post here.

Just wondered if there were any current plans to offer any other Currency options aside from EUR and USD? Happy to create a pull request etc on Github to help out, but I just wanted to check and see if there was a reason this hadn’t been done so far or if it was just that the majority of your users are from those regions (UK here, so looking for GBP).

Edit: I’ve just spotted that GBP does exist in the config file but doesn’t seem to be available to me on the version of the App I’m using ( Build Number: v0.8.14), or I’m missing something!


Hey @pettitto

Yeah it’s just a configuration issue. Let me write up some documentation for this and get back to you.


In order to set the default currency for the entire system, edit and add the following properties

openboxes.locale.defaultCurrencyCode = GBP
openboxes.locale.defaultCurencySymbol = \£

Then you’ll need to add GBP as a currency under Products > Unit of Measure.

You need to set the GBP’s uom class to Currency. If you don’t have a uom class for Currency you can create one under Product > UoM Class.

If you want to support other currencies (besides GBP, USD, EUR) you can add them using the Product > Unit Of Measure feature.

The system can be configured to poll a public REST API ( every hour in order to update the Exchange Rates between the different currencies. = true

If you want to manually edit the exchange rates, disable the exchange rate background job and edit the exchange rates under Products > UoM Conversion. = false

NOTE: For boolean (true/false) configration properties you’ll need to add a new configuration file (openboxes-config.groovy) in the same directory as

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Thanks @jmiranda - that’s absolutely perfect and has done the job!

I am running openbox on droplet Digtial Ocean and just asking, how do i update the currency option on the droplet server

You’ll need to SSH onto the droplet. If you need help with that please let me know and I can dig up the instructions from digitalocean.

Once you are SSH’d onto the server, you’ll need to navigate to the app configuration directory


where you’ll see the default config file (

Leave that file alone and create (or edit if it’s already there) a second config file (openboxes-config.groovy).

Then add your currency code here. There’s nothing preventing you from using any string you’d like here, but we recommend using the ISO 4217 standard (ISO 4217 - Wikipedia).

openboxes.locale.defaultCurrencyCode = GBP
openboxes.locale.defaultCurencySymbol = \£

Edit: Apologies, @KCollinsMedia_9. I made a typo in the values above. Those would have been fine in (where everything is assumed to be a string), but they need to be strings in openboxes-config.groovy

openboxes.locale.defaultCurrencyCode = "GBP"
openboxes.locale.defaultCurencySymbol = "\£"

NOTE1: The symbol configuration is optional. To be honest, I’m not sure we ever display it anywhere at the moment but I added it just in case we ever needed to display it.

NOTE2: The reason to use an ISO 4217 code would be to take advantage of standard currency conversion i.e. we are currently sync’ing with an exchange rate API ( so if you use something other than the standard code you won’t get currency conversion out of the box. With that said, you can add your own currency conversion using the UoM Conversion feature.