Mulitple LOT numbers in one BIN not possible?

Hello all,

We are getting a strange problem (or maybe it’s not a problem but then we are doing something wrong).

If we Record a stock for a product: We select a BIN locatie enter a LOT number, date and quantity it’s works perfect. The stock is correctly added.

But then a second LOT number needs to be added and it’s placed in the same BIN location (same shelf different paperbox). So: We want to select the same bin… Problem! The bin is no longer visible in the dropdown box.


Is this normal?

Little update: If I remove a bin from a zone it works, if I add it to a zone it doesn’t work.

I was going to say … we don’t have a feature that prevents this so it would have to be a bug.

With that said, I can’t reproduce it in our test environment (running code on the develop branch).

Can you try to search the bin location dropdown with just the first few letters of that bin location (i.e “RO”) to see if the bin location shows up in the results? My suspicion is that there’s a space or character at the end (i.e. if you’re using a barcode scanner) that is causing the dropdown to miss the desired bin location.

Otherwise, it might be a bug with bin locations in Zones, as you suggested. But as I mentioned, it doesn’t seem to be a problem in the current development version of OB so the bug might have already been fixed.

We’re starting regression testing next week so the 0.8.20 release should be ready in a few weeks.

Hmm no still the same.

If I delete the Zone from the bin location it works. If I add a zone again to the bin location it doesn’t. Maybe some Zones settings somewhere?

It’s not a feature we implemented. My guess it was a bug that has been fixed.

What version are you running?

p.s. In general it’s a good idea to include the version in your screenshot.