Obsolete features

I have learned that the openboxes version includes some obsolete functionalities that will soon be discontinued. Is there a list of these functionalities? With this list we will no longer invest time in its configuration and understanding

I don’t remember the context for that comment, but when we launched the Stock Movement feature a few years ago, we disabled the Requisition, Shipping, and Receiving.

openboxes.megamenu.dashboard.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.analytics.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.inventory.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.orders.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.requisitions.enabled = false
openboxes.megamenu.shipping.enabled = false
openboxes.megamenu.stockMovement.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.receiving.enabled = false
openboxes.megamenu.reporting.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.products.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.configuration.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.customLinks.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.inbound.enabled = true
openboxes.megamenu.outbound.enabled = true

You can still access the Requsition and Shipment features through the Stock Movement feature, but it would be wise not to make edits through those pages unless you know what you’re doing.

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