Old WAR file under v0.8.17

The WAR file under “Release 0.8.17 Hotfix 4” is v0.8.16-hotfix3.

Can you be more specific about where you’re seeing this?

In both locations I’ve checked (on the discussion forum post and the releases page) it seems fine.

Downloaded & deployed → it shows "Application Version: 0.8.16-hotfix3 "

Hey Justin,

I know that you had conversations with Worris about the licensing of the v0.8.17 vs v0.8.16 in our ability to develop and sell the product so with your suggestion to download the latest version are we going to have a different licensing agreement with this latest version? I want to make sure that we are compliant with OpenBoxes.

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Hey Charles

There’s no commercial licensing agreement for using OpenBoxes. You are only bound by the open-source license (EPLv1). I’m not a lawyer (IANAL) so please do your own due dilligence on this but we decided to go with the EPLv1 because we wanted people to be able to make money selling software and software services related to OpenBoxes (hosting, software, development).

Here are some resources to provide more information about what EPL allows / disallows.

And here’s the actual license definition.


Download & deployed → it shows "Application Version: 0.8.16-hotfix3 "

Oh shoot. My fault. I’m re-uploading 0.8.17-hotfix4 as we speak.

For future reference, our Bamboo CI/CD server is public-facing so you can download the artifacts straight from the horse’s mouth server that builds the WAR file.

Daily stable build (master branch)

Daily snapshot build (develop branch)

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Tried both, Bamboo (Daily stable) and GitHub, and cleared Tomcat’s cache… and it still shows “Application Version: 0.8.16-hotfix3”. Any suggestions?

It’s possible that Tomcat still has reference to the old WAR. I’ve seen this myself so before deploying, I always stop Tomcat and delete the openboxes.war and openboxes exploded directory under /opt/tomcat/webapps.

As per your suggestion, deleting “openboxes.war and openboxes exploded directory under /opt/tomcat/webapps” fixed the issue. Thank you!