Openboxes Configuration Document

I could not see anything when I click on the link to Openboxes configuration document. Please see the attachment which illustrates what I am seeing on the screen.


I assume you’re talking about the Configuration link from this page.

If you scroll down on that page rendered after you click the link you’ll notice it’s just a 404 page that has some icons rendered at the top of it.

The links on that page (and maybe others) aren’t getting the proper base URL. I’ll have to investigate on Monday.

But I think the developer that wrote the page was just trying to link to this page.

Hi Justin,

Based on the document that is provided, I will have to go to $TOMCAT_HOME/.grails/

Where is $TOMCAT_HOME? I couldn’t find this folder.


So the Configuration page is for the version of OpenBoxes that is built on Grails 1.3.9.

You’re using the experimental version of OpenBoxes is that is build on Grails 3.3.10.

So your configuration file is going to be a YAML file and according to the other docs, it should be here if you configured the Tomcat user properly.


@khorjames Did that help or are you still having issues finding the configuration file?