OpenBoxes v0.8.14 - Release Notes (Jan 5)

Release Notes

Click on the following link to download the release or review the full changelog.

New Location Menu Structure

The location chooser menu is now organized by organization, then by location group.

New Look for Stock Movement Pages

The stock movement, receiving, and putaway pages have been given a fresh look and color scheme. All of the fields and buttons are the same, but they are laid out in a different style. Please note that the “Add Line” button on the stock movement pages has been moved to the top left rather than the bottom of the table.

Create Inbound Stock Movement

Add Items

Send Stock Movement

Dashboard Improvements

  • Resizing of widgets so that you can see more on one page!

  • Left side menu now stays open so that you can easily switch between dashboards

  • Time filters fixed on indicators: items with discrepancy, fill rate

  • Link added to outgoing stock movements in progress indicator to bring the user to a filtered list of shipments

  • Link added to delayed incoming stock movements indicator to bring the user to a filtered list of shipments

  • New indicator for open stock requests from other depots – see section on depot to depot requests for more details

New Stock Request Feature

OpenBoxes now allows users at one depot to create an online request to another depot via the “Create Stock Request” option in the inbound menu.

  1. Go to Inbound > Create Stock Request

  2. This will bring up a page that looks like the first page of a stock movement. Your location will be set as the requesting depot, and it will fill in your name and the date. Choose the depot that you are sending the request to as a fulfilling depot

  3. You should also choose whether your request is a stock or an ad hoc request, and choose a stock list if one is relevant

  4. The next step is to enter the items you are requesting. OpenBoxes will show you your QOH, demand, and suggested request for each item as you add it. Edit the requested quantity as needed

  5. Press next and confirm to submit your request

  6. The fulfilling depot will now be able to see your request and issue you the goods! You can track your request by typing the request number into the search, or by finding it in your inbound shipments list

New Request Details Report

The request details report will show you the history of requests to your depot, including the amount requested, amount delivered, and reason code. You can use this report to see the details of your demand across multiple products.

  1. To find the report, go to Reports > Request detail report:

  2. Fill in the dates in the report parameters section. You can also add an optional filter if you want to see the data limited by product, reason code, or by destination.

  3. You can click “Run Report” to see the information online, or download the report to see it in excel

PO Feature

We have added several new elements to the purchase order feature, including budget coding, general ledger coding, cancel line functionality, and improvements to purchase order stock movement integration. This feature is still in beta phase – we anticipate an initial release in late spring.

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • OpenBoxes now prompts users to update the shipment date for shipments created before today. If you are shipping a shipment with a ship date earlier than the current date, a pop up window will appear and ask if you want to update the ship date to today. If you want to update the shipment date, press yes. If not, press no and the shipment will send with the past date.

  • Users can now filter the incoming and outgoing shipments lists by multiple statuses. For example, you can now elect to see both shipped and partially received shipments:

  • Handling icons have been added to the browse inventory page

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow users to delete documents from shipments

  • The pending outbound tab on the electronic stock card was showing an error, but is now working

  • Validation has been added to the ship date field in stock movements to prevent users from entering invalid dates

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to edit partially received or received shipments

  • Disabled editing of shipments from a depot if the user is not located in that depot