Picklist & Packing Forms


I watched your Youtube Video regarding custom Documents & reports.
We are trying to implement something similar to the picking and Packing list and I was wondering if it is possible?

I am assuming that the name of the fields that you were using on the custom Documents & reports video matches the name used in the database?

Any help would be appreciated,

N Sami,

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We currently support custom documents for outbound shipments and inbound purchase orders. We would probably need to build a separate hook to handle picking (picklist / picklist items) and packing (shipment items / containers). Could you provide an example of what you’re trying to do i.e. a PDF version of the documents you want to create? It shouldn’t be too much effort to create the hook.

Custom picklist forms would be very helpful for us too. I was researching this last month and seemed out of luck.

In the simplest form, we’d like to add an additional table of blank fields with a position for our staff to write #s and details as they process an order.

It would be great if we could access the object to automatically populate some fields, but just adding new, empty fields to the picklist document template would greatly improve our processes and accuracy.

It’d be ideal if a picklist could print a text note/comment that was entered on the Order or a comment entered per line item like the printout shows in the rightmost column. Perhaps the UI/API would need changes to support entering and printing this field though?

Why do we need this?
We are a 3PL warehouse, so every picklist/order is a “job” for one of our customers. For invoicing reasons, we track the actions performed during a pick (i.e. picker picked x items, 1 shipping label, and 1 manual order entered) and materials used (cartons, pallets, wrap, void fill, etc). Our clients are billed for the jobs at the end of each month.

Attached are 3 examples of the OpenBoxes Picklist today where we manually write each action used.

Also are examples of 2 excel/pdf forms we use for larger jobs for clients. You can see they are very simple blank templates that can be filled out with #s and text per field. Later we enter each order into our invoicing system.

I hope this is helpful.



We do not mind the Picklist form provided by openboxes, we would like to delete some of the lines on the form.
We do not need the requisition number, the lines at the bottom: Requested by, Created By, Verified By, Checked by.

The rest is Ok for us,

is there a way to modify the template that comes with openboxes?

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback @rkey_warehousing and @n_sami.

I’ll add a hook to the document template for picklists.

Here’s a somewhat related feature request from a few years ago.

Let me know if there’s anything else that would be useful.

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