Products that are for Use not for Sale

I was thinking how I can find a solutions for the products we have that are not for sale or can’t be used up. They are onlye for use and will return if used.

For example we have some stretchers that I want to put into the system, if used I want to mark them and then when they return I want to bring them back into order. Did you ever had this kind of products and/or do you have a solution how to put them into the system and use it?


This is what we were planning to do with the InventoryLevel (SUPPORTED, NOT_SUPPORTED, NOT_INVENTORIED, etc) but I don’t think the intended functionality was ever implemented fully.

You can customize Product Types to get some of your intended behavior.

The feature isn’t fully implemented yet but if you provide more details about your use case we can provide suggestions on how to make it work.


For example:

A depot lents out some stretchers. It has 20 stretchers in stock and 5 are lent out.
What I want is that the stock drops by 5, so it says 15 on stock. The other 5 are put somewhere (& a description with who was lent to).

If the stretchers return they get booked in again and voila stock 20 again :).

You could create an external location to represent the physical location or person that has been lent the stretchers. The stock would be sent to that location as part of an outbound process and you could use the return feature when the items need to be returned.

Or you could create a location type that supports the Hold Stock supported activity.

Then create a new internal location with the location type.

Then you’d transfer the items to the new internal location and they would be unavailable for picking.

I’ve looked into this:

And I don’t get it to work that it highlights the LOT in orange

To add up, tried to create an HOLD BIN but can’t select the activity Hold Stock because it doesn’t show.

What you encountered is probably a bug, but I would recommend creating a location type called Hold / Quarantine with the supported activity Hold Stock, not individual locations with supported activity Hold Stock. Then create locations with the Hold / Quarantine location type.

Thanks again for the follow up.

If I go to: Configuration => Location Types => Add location type, then I don’t see any Location type code with Hold / Quarantine. Also the activity ‘Hold Stock’ is also not in the list.

Maybe I’m searching in the wrong place?

Location type code is something different. For this, use Ilocation type code = INTERNAL and Supported Activities = HOLD STOCK

You might also need PUTAWAY STOCK in supported activities.

I see the BIN location. But what I don’t understand:
If I follow this manual:

Then I don’t see the option ‘hold stock’ under supported activities. If I could select this option then any item that I put into this hold bin would been marked with an other color. (

Sorry the hold feature is probably new to 0.8.17 which was released in December but hasn’t been made publicly available yet because I wanted to make sure it was stable in a production for a few weeks.

Check! :slight_smile: no problem!