Question about cold chain support capacity from USAID

Hi OpenBoxes,

My name is Amarynth Sichel and I am Digital Health Advisor at USAID. I am reaching out with a question to better understand how you support cold chain functionality. Any information you can provide on this would be very helpful. Also happy to hop on a call if that’s easier.



Hey Amarynth

Thanks a lot for the great question.

I’ll try to respond over the next few days to give you a better understanding of

  1. what we currently support re: cold chain
  2. what we would like to see implemented in the future

We’ve had discussions with other groups regarding IoT devices that track information about temperature, humidity, etc. We’re hoping to partner with these groups to provide a data integration solution that would give OpenBoxes users better visibility into cold chain compliance of their products throughout the supply chain (in transit, storage, and last mile delivery).

In the meantime, would you mind providing some information on what you’re looking for - that way I can try to respond to your specific requirements.


Hi Amarynth and Justin,

Happy to weigh in here.

To introduce myself, I am Hannan, Co-CEO of Kapsule. Our mission is to drive affordable, accessible and authentic medicines across the world starting in Africa. We do this by digitising and transforming medical supply chains.

We are collaborating with Openboxes providing real-time cold-chain monitoring capabilities (in remote/semi-remote areas) through our IoT sensors. This is API driven so could easily integrate with OpenBoxes and with USAID IT systems.

I believe a 30 minute call would be an ideal next step to run through your requirements, as well as explore how the three systems may interact.

Please let me know your email or alternatively you can email me and we can schedule a time to speak next week.

Best regards,