Slotting, Allocation, and the Mobile Application

Moving the discussion re: slotting from another post.

So the basic slotting feature I mentioned in the other post lives in a long-lived feature branch (not a true forked repo, just a branch that may never be fully merged back to develop).

You can browse/search that branch here

You can also compare the branch against our main branch to see what was added/modified.

The main code for the automated slotting algorithm lives in the Putaway Service

and the main trigger is in the Quartz job here

There are tentacles in other places as well, so you’ll just need to walk through the code to explore. For example, the Internal Location API filters out “occupied” bins so we don’t populate the Bin Location dropdowns on the Receiving and Putaway pages with unavailable locations.

Again, the implementation is pretty basic (“when items are received into a receiving location, generate a putaway to an unoccupied bin location”) but there’s room to grow.

This branch also includes improvements for allocation/picking as well as API improvements required by the mobile application (GitHub - openboxes/openboxes-mobile: Mobile application for OpenBoxes.).

FWIW, all of these refactorings should eventually make their way back to core. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or money to take on that project right now so we’re waiting on more interest in the mobile application and/or funding before moving forward with that endeavor.


cc @Zakaria_Elhamri