so not even sure what to do now that I have a PO in place?

Hello! I am not familiar with WMS. I have created a PO and “Placed” the order, but unsure what the next step is? I had assumed that I would be able to create a PO and then “receive” the order. Sorry for the ignorance on this. I am unsure of the “flow” of the process of ordering the product, and receiving it, putting it away, etc. Appreciate any enlightenment :blush: Thank you so much!

I’ll write a more in depth response tomorrow, but essentially we add in a step between Place and Received to allow you to Ship the order so that you can create multiple shipments rather than receive against the PO directly.

Hey Maria

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the PO workflow.

NOTE: Please excuse the ahs and ums. I am not very good at screenshares.

One thing that I may not have mentioned is that the Placed → Shipped workflow could be triggered by an Advance Shipping Notice (ASN). So you could integrate with another system (e.g. supplier’s order system) to automate this step (i.e. through an EDI X12 856 Message). OpenBoxes obviously don’t handle that just yet, but I’ve been thinking more about what it would take to build an integration layer that would handle the translation of an EDI message in OpenBoxes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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