Stock Level Status

Hi was looking into the meaning of the diffrent Supported Activities and Stock Level Status but I couldn’t find anything in the manual or here.

Can you explain to me what each means?

Stock Level Status

  • Supported
  • Not Supported
  • Not Inventoried
  • Stocked
  • Formulary
  • Inactive
  • Expected Lead Time Days
  • Default Replenishment Source
  • Forecasting quantity
  • Forecasting period
  • Serialized

There’s not much functionality behind the Stock Level Status at the moment, so just ignore and mark everything as Supported. Let me know if there’s something specific you would like.

The rest of the fields were added for features that we plan to work on in the future (i.e. demand planning, automated replenishment). We’ll add documentation once the features have been built.

Thanks, is the feature Serialized been used and if yes for what purpose?

Not yet. We plan to use this to configure a product to only allow serialized inventory items (qty = 1, serial number required). This is useful for assets / high value equipment like laptops.

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