Support for importing .csv files?


This looks like a great project, I would like to utilize a barcode scanner which this project doesn’t seem to support…

However, I can easily rig up a script to use a barcode scanner to create a .csv file, does Openboxes support updating inventory through csv file imports?

Answer to your question about CSV file imports is yes.

And here’s a video I just recorded to demonstrate some of the barcode scanning features on the handheld.

It’s not released yet and probably won’t be ready until the Fall, but it’s coming along.

You rock man!

Thank you, you perhaps just helped a whole city of non-profits share their inventories!

Thanks for this open source app!

Thank you, you perhaps just helped a whole city of non-profits share their inventories!

Ok, now you’re going to have to elaborate on that for me.


So to get this rolling, do I just sign up for a DigitalOcean Droplet VM and then install all the dependencies via terminal commands, run all setup commands, and then I can access this via the IP Address of the Droplet VM?

I noticed 1-click deployment via Droplet is not currently working, so just want to make sure Droplet is still a good option before I pay for the service.

Thanks again!

Yes, a digital ocean droplet is probably the easiest (and most economical) option at this point. I would recommend Ubuntu 20.04 for now so you don’t have to deal with MySQL 8 issues. But OpenBoxes can run on Ubuntu 22.04. You just need to be somewhat technical to tolerate troubleshooting some of the issues that might arise.

As for the 1-click deployment, we’ll get that back online sometime in the near future (or wait until we’re done upgrading the codebase to Grails 3). We just haven’t had time to rebuild the image after all of the security vulnerabilities of the last year or two (Java, Log4j, Tomcat, etc).

But the installation process should be relatively straightforward if you follow the instructions. If you encounter any issues just create separate discussion topics for each one so others can learn from our troubleshooting.