Swagger Documentation

I was looking for API swagger document for openboxes. I did not get in existing code.
Can anyone help for the same?

API docs are hosted on readthedocs (http://docs.openboxes.com/en/latest/api-guide/).

Note that the REST API is very basic i.e. it provides basic CRUD for most domain classes. However, there’s not much support for transactional operations / workflows. In other words, we need to add state machine APIs for doing normal activities like processing requisitions, transferring stock, cycle counts, etc. This can be done directly through the Transaction API but it would be better if we added a state machine API for each of the classes that hold state (i.e. Shipment, Requisition, Picklist). This would allow REST clients to create implicit transactions by transititioning one of these higher-level objects (i.e. Shipment) between states (i.e. Created -> Shipped -> Received) without requiring the client developer to rewrite all of the logic related to these state transitions within the client.

There are some great articles out there discussing different approaches to this problem. Here’s an example:

It shouldn’t be difficult to do since most of the state transition logic already exists. We just need to add a somewhat generic wrapper API around that logic to handle state transitions. I haven’t had any time to work on it and also wanted to wait for a good use case so I could collaborate on a proper API design.

My thinking, at the moment, is to expose a generic API like this, but I’m open to suggestions:
POST /api/<class>/:id/status/:status

With that API exposed, we would just need to add handlers for all of the valid state transitions, including rollback as well as handling errors on invalid state transitions.

Make sense?