Total value and Total weight shows 0

PO shows correct currency amount in “Total Amount” line, however the Inbound movement page shows 0 for both, Total Value and Weight. What did I miss?

Followed Display aggregated weight and volume (#2377) - YouTube video to get the weight configured on product page.

I don’t remember if we ever linked up the total weight and volume to the product attribute. We used to calculate total weight and volume based on data collected on the containers (pallets) but we deprecated the feature used to define containers.

In any case I’ll review that and see if I can fix the issue.

So I did some research and realized that the video you linked was based on a feature branch that was never merged into our develop branch. The video was recorded to solicit feedback from the user who requested it, but we didn’t receive a response so the feature is withering on the vine, as they say. I think it might need a bit more work to make it production-ready, so let me know how important this is and I’ll see if I can get it done in the next few weeks.


Thank you for looking into it. ATM this feature falls into “nice to have” category - unless it’s an easy fix, I would not worry about it.

How about $ amount in “Total value” on the “Inbound movement” page - what do I have to do to get that amount to show?


That value shows up once the outbound shipment has been created (i.e. after the outbound order has been picked).