Unable to upload file due to exception: uploads/inventory.xls (No such file or directory)

Hi Justin

I am trying to add inventory of a test item “XYZ1” to my test location “P-TESTLOC” using data import and it keeps failing and I am not sure what am I doing wrong. I get this message below. I created already the product and the location
so I believe this should work. The one thing I remember that was unique to this import was that Kelsey told us to always type in something for product (never leave that field blank – doesn’t need to be the right value so I entered “aaa”).


Ana Maria Maldonado

(Attachment inventory.xls is missing)

There’s an “upload” directory that’s supposed to be created on startup. It looks like on Ubuntu 18.04 it’s trying to create the directory under root (/) which it does not have permission to do.

2019-11-23 05:15:47,957 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO  core.UploadService  - Find or create uploads directory uploads
2019-11-23 05:15:47,960 [localhost-startStop-1] INFO  core.FileService  - Attempting to create directory /uploads
2019-11-23 05:15:47,962 [localhost-startStop-1] ERROR core.FileService  - - Directory /uploads cannot be created

This would happen if the system property for user.home is not populated.

directoryPath = directoryPath.replaceFirst("^~", System.getProperty("user.home"))

For now I’m going to create the directory manually.

ssh username@server
sudo mkdir /uploads
sudo chown tomcat:tomcat /uploads

One other workaround would be to override the uploads directory config property (see https://github.com/openboxes/openboxes/issues/1084)

openboxes.uploads.location = /opt/tomcat/uploads

The underlying issue has been reported in the following issue (see https://github.com/openboxes/openboxes/issues/1351) and will be fixed in an upcoming release.